Presidential Invited Lecture

A tradition of the AHPBA is for the current president to invite a speaker to the Annual Meeting. The intent of the Presidential Invited Lecture is to engage and educate members by inviting a lecturer who has inspired the AHPBA President.

2018    Scott Page | University of Michigan | The Diversity Bonus: How Cognitive and Identity Diversity Improve Outcomes

2017    John Cameron | Pancreatic Surgery: Halsted to the Present

2016    IHPBA World Congress

2015    Paul Greig | Preparing the Next Generation of HPB Surgeons: Fellowships & Mentorships

2014    Goran Klintmalm | Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Liver Transplantation – The Hope for a Cure

2013    Leslie H. Blumgart | Historical Development of Specialty HPB Surgery

2012    David Nagorney | Hepatic Surgery: Past, Present, and Future

2011    Frank Lewis

2010    IHPBA World Congress