Clinical Trials Committee

This Committee participates in the evaluation, development, and delivery of clinical trials developed and/or executed by the Association.

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Conflict of Interest

The committee shall oversee the Association’s compliance with the published conflict of interest policies and shall review all disclosures of potential conflicts by leadership and individuals making presentations at the annual meeting or other AHPBA branded events. The committee will review any expressed concerns of ethical misconduct or conflict of interest, and will oversee the development of all policies and procedures concerned with these issues.

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The Development Committee shall work with management staff to solicit and secure fundraising for the annual meeting.

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Education & Training

The Education and Training Committee will handle fellowship matters. Two members of the fellowship council accreditation committee will be members of the committee. The committee will be responsible for matters relating to education and training of residents, fellows, and policy regarding postgraduate training in HPB surgery.

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The committee shall oversee all financial matters, and advise the Executive Council regarding financial planning and shall, in addition, perform such other functions as assigned to it by the Council.

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HPB Program Directors

The HPB Program Directors committee’s primary responsibility will be to oversee the fellowship match process and logistical matters relevant to running HPB fellowship programs. A secondary responsibility will be to discuss and address issues, concerns and needs of HPB fellows. The Chair of this committee will be a member of the Education and Training committee.

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International Relations

The International Relations Committee will work to build and improve communications and societal relationships with HPB groups in other countries in the Americas, focusing specifically on the Western Hemisphere.

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The Membership Committee shall review applications for membership and make recommendations to the Executive Council regarding member retention and membership services.

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Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee addresses professional development, continuing medical education, and practice issues affecting members of the AHPBA. Such activities include, but are not limited to, the development of maintenance of certification and continuing medical education processes/programs for AHPBA members in conjunction with the Program, Research, and Education & Training Committees.

HPB Mentorship is a resource of experienced HPB professionals who volunteer their time and knowledge to help guide or teach others in areas HPB practice or surgery.

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The Program Committee shall organize free papers, poster sessions, and invited lectures for the annual meeting. The President-Elect organizes postgraduate courses. The former Chair of the Committee will remain a member for one year after completion of chairmanship.

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The Publications Committee develops guidelines for the treatment of HPB disease and is charged with overseeing arrangements with Association’s journal, as well as providing oversight for content and structure to the organization’s website and social media.

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The Research Committee shall encourage collaborative hepatic, pancreatic or biliary research and foster the training of young investigators and fellows.

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Surgical Innovation

The Committee identifies promising emerging technologies and therapeutics applicable to the treatment of pancreatic, liver, and biliary disease that are in the design or development stage, and develops strategies to engage inventors and/or company representatives serving as a liaison between them and other key members and committees of the AHPBA such as the research, program and development committees. The objective of the committee will be to provide an avenue through the AHPBA sponsored meetings, symposia and research opportunities that can help companies accelerate the introduction of new technology and therapeutics into the clinical arena.

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