Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall review applications for membership and make recommendations to the Executive Council regarding member retention and membership services.

Chris Anderson
Claudemiro Quireze
LA Membership Chair
Oscar Guevara
LA Chapter Chair
Moises Cukier
LA Chapter Co-Chair
Mike D'Angelica
Ex-Officio, Secretary
Jenna Gates
Ex-Officio, Allied Health Chair
Mary Beth Henry
Ex-Officio, Allied Health Co-Chair
Eliza Beal
Lindsay Bliss
Fellow Representative
Benjamin Golas
Jorge Grondona
Ashwin Kamath
Michael Kluger
Amit Mathur
Laleh Melstrom
Okechukwu Ojogho
Alexander Perez
Janelle Rekman
Fellow Representative
John Renz
Beth Schrope
David Sindram
Rory Smoot
Orlando Torres Martins
Matthew Weiss

Chapter Presidents Subcommittee

Oscar Guevara
Moises Cukier
Javier Lendoire
Ricardo Oddi
Nancy Otero Ferrufino
André Montagnini
Shiva Jayaraman
Wesley Francis
Rodrigo Torres Quevedo
José Pablo Garbanzo Corrales
Frans Serpa
Julio Cesar Alfaro Varela
Erick Roberto Soto Solís
Hoover Henriquez Cooper
Carlos Chan
Sergio Lopez Torres
Alejandro Gimenez
Eduardo Anchante
Gerado Secondo

Advanced Practice Provider Sub-Committee

The Advanced Practice Provider Subcommittee is responsible with developing strategies to increase the scope of opportunities offered to Advanced Practice Provider professionals through the AHPBA. They solicit and review applications for membership among Allied Health professionals in conjunction with the Membership Committee. The Advanced Practice Provider Subcommittee is also charged with creating and implementing content specifically aimed at Advanced Practice Provider care professionals.

Jenna Jeganathan
Mary Beth Henry
Daniel Abbott
Morgan Bruno
Jessica Drummond
Elizabeth Good
Erica Jones
Sarah Reed
Teviah Sachs
Leigh Samp
Stacey Schulte
Aimee Strong
Mary Tice
Lan Vu