Program Committee

The Program Committee shall organize free papers, poster sessions, and invited lectures for the annual meeting. The President-Elect organizes postgraduate courses. The former Chair of the Committee will remain a member for one year after completion of chairmanship.

David Kooby
Sean Cleary
Vice Chair
Heber Ribeiro
LA Chair
Shimul Shah
Past Chair
Charles Vollmer
Ex-Officio, President
Felipe Jose Fernandez Coimbra
Ex-Officio, President Elect
Alagappan Annamalai
Erin Baker
Stephen Behrman
Kevin Billingsley
Kristopher Croome
Kimberly Dalal
Virgilio DeOliveira
Mary Dillhoff
Sukru Emre
Ryan Fields
Karim Halazun
Kamran Idrees
Michael Jacobs
Shiva Jayaraman
Michael Kendrick
Roger Kim
Ajay Maker
Abhishek Mathur
Nipun Merchant
Andre Montagnini
Eduardo Montalvo-jave
Hari Nathan
Tri Nguyen
Mariano Palermo
Alexander Parikh
Purvi Parikh
Sameer Patel
Shawn Pelletier
Matthew Porembka
Juan Rocca
Maria Russell
Juan Sarmiento
Courtney Scaife
Luke Schoeniger
Mark Truty
Susan Tsai
Parsia Vagefi
Danny Yakoub