Publications Committee

The Publications Committee develops guidelines for the treatment of HPB disease and is charged with overseeing arrangements with Association’s journal, as well as providing oversight for content and structure to the organization’s website and social media.

Roberto Hernandez-Alejandro
Quyen Chu
Mike D'Angelica
Ex-Officio, Secretary
Ravi Chokshi
Ismael Dominquez-Rosada
Alan Contreras
Ana Gleisner
Pamela Hodul
Hiromichi Ito
Pineda Karen
Gustavo Kohan
Julie Leal
Guillaume Martel
John McGilllicuddy
Trang Nguyen
Claudemiro Quireze
J. Bart Rose
Nelson Royall
Carl Schmidt
Helmut Segovia Lohse
Ashish Singhal
Koji Tomiyama
Victor Zaydfudim
Amer Zureikat