Roberto Hernandez-Alejandro, MD

Dr. Roberto Hernandez-Alejandro has been the Chief of the Division of Transplantation at the University of Rochester and Professor of Surgery since August 2016, and was formerly the Director of Liver Transplantation at Western University, Canada. He completed a transplant and hepatobiliary (HPB) surgery fellowship from 2006-2008 at
Western University, Canada. Subsequently, he received further training in live donor liver transplantation (LDLT) at
the Kyoto University in Japan in 2009. Dr. Hernandez-Alejandro has published more than 60 peer reviewed publications in the area of HPB and liver transplantation and is frequently invited by national and international academic centers to give guest lectures.

In addition to his transplant work, Dr. Hernandez-Alejandro is heavily focused on liver resections for malignancies, and is one of only a handful of surgeons in the United States actively performing the ALPPS procedure (Associating Liver Partition and Portal vein Ligation for Staged hepatectomy). is surgical technique, which permits resection of advanced tumors by making use of the liver’s regenerative capacity, is now o ered to patients with multiple liver metastases and in some instances, primary tumors of the liver.

With ALPPS, patients who were considered to have unresectable cancer with extensive tumor burden in the liver are now able to undergo surgery in this two staged approach. ALPPS not only improves their rate of survival, it also improves the quality of life, and in some cases patients may be cured. Dr. Hernandez-Alejandro has performed over 40 ALPPS procedures, thus far with 0% perioperative mortality. e three-year patient survival rate is currently 53% for patients who underwent the procedure compared with 0% for patients who underwent chemotherapy alone.

For more information on this procedure, please visit to view a video created by Dr. Hernandez-Alejandro, which describes the procedure in more detail. Dr. Hernandez-Alejandro is a Member of the International Scienti c Committee of the ALPPS Registry.