Leslie H. Blumgart Historical Lecture

The Leslie H. Blumgart Historical Lectureship was established to offer broad historical and educational content in honor of Leslie H. Blumgart’s legacy. Dr. Blumgart was one of the pioneering hepatobiliary surgeons of our time, and his contributions to our field are enormous and well known to all in HPB surgery. His body of work was largely responsible for establishing the modern standards of HPB surgery, and many of the principles and techniques that he described remain in active practice. Indeed, whether directly or indirectly, Dr. Blumgart has been a mentor to all in HPB surgery.

2020    Jacques Belghiti MD, PhD | Innovation and Progress in Liver Surgery

2019    David M Nagorney | Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma. Reflections and Perspectives

2018    David Adams | The Pancreas Odyssey

2017    Russell Strong | Traveler, There is No Path, a Path is Made by Walking

2016    Steven Strasberg | Bile Duct Injury: Puzzles and Quandaries

2015    William Meyers | Taking the Leap

2014    J. Michael Henderson | A Historical Journey Through Variceal Bleeding

2013    Howard Reber | The Whipple Procedure

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