Betty & Henry Pitt Quality Oration

The Betty & Henry Pitt Quality Oration was established in honor of AHPBA Past President Dr. Henry Pitt and his commitment to quality of care in HPB Surgery.

2024    Teodor Grantcharov MD, PhD | Surgical Performance Beyond Dexterity: The Power of Data and Culture to Improve Quality and Safety

2023    Patricia L. Turner MD, FACS | The Power of Quality

2022    Bruce L. Hall MD, PhD, MBA | Perspectives on Resource Stewardship in Medicine & Surgery

2021    Susan Moffatt-Bruce MD, PhD | Leveraging the Learning Healthcare System to Improve Quality Outcomes

2020    Pierre-Alain Clavien MD | How to Assess Quality in Surgery

2019    Barbara L Bass MD | We Do Our Best When We Are Well: Caring for Ourselves and Our Colleagues

2018    Clifford Ko MD, MS, MSHS| It’s a Great Time to Focus on Quality

2017    John Birkmeyer MD | Scaling Up Physician Led Collaborative Quality Improvement

2016    Carlos Pellegrini MD| Quality and Value: An Opportunity for Surgical Leadership

2015    David Hoyt MD| The American College of Surgeons Model for Quality Improvement