Betty & Henry Pitt Quality Oration

The Betty & Henry Pitt Quality Oration was established in honor of AHPBA Past President Dr. Henry Pitt and his commitment to quality of care in HPB Surgery.

2023    Patricia L. Turner MD, FACS | The Power of Quality

2022    Bruce L. Hall MD, PhD, MBA | Perspectives on Resource Stewardship in Medicine & Surgery

2021    Susan Moffatt-Bruce MD, PhD | Leveraging the Learning Healthcare System to Improve Quality Outcomes

2020    Pierre-Alain Clavien MD | How to Assess Quality in Surgery

2019    Barbara L Bass MD | We Do Our Best When We Are Well: Caring for Ourselves and Our Colleagues

2018    Clifford Ko MD, MS, MSHS| It’s a Great Time to Focus on Quality

2017    John Birkmeyer MD | Scaling Up Physician Led Collaborative Quality Improvement

2016    Carlos Pellegrini MD| Quality and Value: An Opportunity for Surgical Leadership

2015    David Hoyt MD| The American College of Surgeons Model for Quality Improvement