Betty & Henry Pitt Quality Oration

The Betty & Henry Pitt Quality Oration was established in honor of AHPBA Past President Dr. Henry Pitt and his commitment to quality of care in HPB Surgery.

2020    Pierre-Alain Clavien MD | How to Assess Quality in Surgery

2019    Barbara L Bass | We Do Our Best When We Are Well: Caring for Ourselves and Our Colleagues

2018    Clifford Ko | It’s a Great Time to Focus on Quality

2017    John Birkmeyer | Scaling Up Physician Led Collaborative Quality Improvement

2016    Carlos Pelligrini | Quality and Value: An Opportunity for Surgical Leadership

2015    David Hoyt | The American College of Surgeons Model for Quality Improvement

Thank you to the following for offering financial support for the Betty & Henry Pitt Historical Lecture:

List of donors updated through December 20, 2018

Gerard Aranha
Horacio Asbun
Stephen Behrman
Robert Buckman
Mark Callery
Eugene Ceppa
William Chapman
Herbert Chen
John Hoffman
NIkki Hoffman
Andreas Karachristos
Denise & Mark Kenny
Harish Lavu
Keith Lillemoe
Richard Lynn
Abhishek Mathur
Robert & Mrs. Moesinger
Attila Nakeeb
Susan Orloff
Purvi Parikh
Timothy Pawlik
Wright Pinson
Henry Pitt
Susan Pitt
Connor Ward Pitt
David Pitt
Owen Henry Pitt
Taylor Riall
Juan Sanabria
Bruce Schirmer
Christian Schmidt
Keith Seto
Kevin Staveley-O’Carroll
Steven Strasberg
Mark Talamonti
Greg & Laura Teufel
Elizabeth Teufel
Julia Teufel
Marshall Urist
Jean-Nicolas Vauthey
Herbert Zeh
Gazi & Maysoon Zibari
Nicholas Zyromski